CoCo/R in Unicon

This is the homepage for the Unicon implementation of CoCo/R. As there is currently little information not available elsewhere, it remains sparse for now. Questions/comments, please email Jeremy Powers.

The Unicon version of CoCo/R was created to provide a powerful, easy to use tool for compiler generation. The nature of Unicon makes it highly suited for the kind of programming often needed when working with compilers, and CoCo/R is a fairly mature compiler generating tool. For more information on both, see below.

The current version of CoCo/R in Unicon can be found here. This is a bit stale, as no development has been done since August 2002.

Version History
1.0 First Release.
Developed from the C Version by Frankie Arzu


CoCo/R is a compiler generator that will create recursive descent parsers and associated scanners from LL(1) grammars. It is similar in function to Lex and Yacc, rolled together and made more user friendly. CoCo/R exists in many versions, depending on the language of the semantic actions and generated parser. More information can be found here or here.


Unicon is a continuation of the Icon project, an interpreted programming language with strong string processing and goal directed evaluation. It includes strings, tables, lists, and sets as native data types. Unicon adds such things as objects and database interactions, as well as continual refinements to the now finished Icon project. The Unicon development environment has been ported to many different systems, including Windows, MacOS, and most Unices. More information can be found from the Unicon Project Homepage.

(page last updated sometime in 2003)